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Dr. Rolade Berthier lives in France and works as a freelance English Language Trainer in Luxembourg. She has worked in Asia, Australia and Europe for universities, research institutions and government & non-government agencies. She has written three books: “Journey to the World of Public Service Employment,” “Cross-Cultural Liaison” and “Intelligence, Giftedness: Pre-cradle to Post-grave.”

She is the author of several reports and journal articles on social and sociological issues, such as ethnicity and crime, employment of migrant women and multiculturalism.

Her first novel ‘Future Perfect’ (November 2014) has attracted positive comments, such as this opinion from a High School English Teacher: “It’s exciting, thought-provoking and pleasant to read. I didn’t expect it to be a page-turner.”

Dr. Berthier possesses a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Development Education degree from the Visayas State University, Philippines and Master of Social Planning & Development and Doctor of Philosophy (Sociology) from The University of Queensland, Australia. She has a French Language certificate from Sorbonne University in Paris.

She is the owner and author of this website.

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